ACOs and Value-based Healthcare

ACOs and clinically integrated networks desire greater value for a lower investment to the provider, patient and system. By enhancing care coordination, communication and collaboration across the entire network, these value-focused models can drive efficiencies alongside improved patient care through the Care Navigator™ platform.


Medical homes are seeking to provide best-in-class care coordination to ensure efficient, effective care is delivered when and where it’s needed most. These organizations and care models benefit most from Care Navigator™. Whether inside the physician office or out in the field, care coordination, patient engagement and team-based collaboration can continue and extend value for the PCMH.


Providers and health systems want to more deeply engage their patients as well as the patient’s family caregivers, thereby building greater loyalty and responsibility as a collaborative relationship. Together, provider, patient and family can share responsibility in improving health outcomes and decreasing unnecessary expense by utilizing the Care Navigator™ platform.


Specialty providers, focused on pediatrics, oncology, women care or rehabilitation, can improve coordination and collaboration with their patients, parents and family support systems as they care for the unique needs of their specific patient populations. By utilizing the Care Navigator™ platform, they can manage populations better and provide more customized care, leading to better patient relationships and positive care experiences.


Care Navigator™, along with the addition of our Engage and Activate packages, helps pediatric hospitals and health systems provide "family-driven" care. Through our web- and mobile-enabled platform, pediatric organizations can meet the unique and complex needs of families and their young patients. Whether the care team needs better communication tools, internally, or if coordinating and empowering families throughout the continuum of care is the goal, we can help. Also, our packages makes tailoring the platform to the immediate pediatric need even easier.


Independent physician associations can provide more support and value to their physicians by offering the Care Navigator™ platform, which ties care coordination, patient engagement and team-based care collaboration together. Through enhanced services, IPAs can build greater physician loyalty, engagement and support towards value-based models.


Health plans are looking for innovative, easy-to-scale, mobile technologies to drive their evolving business and population health models. Care Navigator™ can help you succeed in improving care, empowering members and controlling costs. Learn more about how we help health plans here.


Any team-based, patient-centric care model can benefit from a technology platform geared to empower every team member – clinician, nurses, community health workers, patients and family caregivers. If managing more patients through complex medical (and non-medical) scenarios via nimble care coordination teams is a priority, Care Navigator™ is thefirst choice to consider.