Commonwealth Fund Publishes Case Study on OneCare Vermont’s Care Coordination Model Using Care Navigator

New Case Study from Commonwealth Fund Explores OneCare Vermont's Care Coordination Model

The report highlights their unique community-driven model along with details on:    

  • Payment model as All-Payer ACO 
  • Care Navigator care coordination platform  
  • Services & staff model 
  • Sharing best practices and promoting standardization  
  • Program timeline  
  • Impact on admissions and ER use  

 Report Excerpts  

 “ As a large accountable care organization in Vermont, OneCare aims to unite the physical health, mental health, and social services sectors to better serve patients with complex needs.”   

"...preliminary data suggest that OneCare is making progress in achieving the state’s population health goals. They show that Medicaid beneficiaries attributed to the ACO are making greater use of primary care and behavioral health services, as well as pharmacy benefits, compared with other beneficiaries."   


Result highlights over the first nine months of the contract:  

  • Percentage of beneficiaries with early to late-stage disease who lacked a primary care visit fell to 2 percent from 4 percent  
  • High or rising risk (levels 3 and 4) also had substantially fewer emergency department visits during the first nine months of 2017 compared with similar periods in the prior two years  
  • Fewer hospitalizations compared with the prior year   

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Disclaimer: Commonwealth Fund case studies examine health care organizations that have achieved high performance in a particular area, have undertaken promising innovations, or exemplify attributes that can foster high performance. It is hoped that other institutions will be able to draw lessons from these cases to inform their own efforts to become high performers. Please note that descriptions of products and services are based on publicly available information or data provided by the featured case study institution(s) and should not be construed as endorsement by the Commonwealth Fund.