Care Navigator™ Overview

Care Navigator™ is a cloud-based platform that places the care coordinator and patient/client relationship as its central focus, enabling robust “edge” interactions between clinical and non-clinical care team members.

The platform helps automate and scale care coordination, clinical care management, patient engagement and community-based services across the entire network of services.

Three Platform Goals

  • Empower care coordinators to manage their daily tasks with efficiency and confidence.
  • Enable streamlined, secure communication and data sharing across the regional care team.
  • Streamline complex care coordination activities required to meet program and quality goals.  

Care Navigator™ does not require any 3rd party software package and can be used as a stand-alone care management/coordination platform or be integrated with any EMRr population health software.

Four Platform Components 

Choose one or all of the components to meet your needs. They work seamlessly from anywhere and can be implemented as program needs change. 

  • Care Coordination Hub - Command Center for care coordination activities and management.
  • Mobile App - Extends care coordination by phone or tablet to home, office or community settings.
  • Desktop App - Pop-up app that can sit alongside EMR for physician/nurse access.
  • Patient and Provider Web Portal - Integrate functionality with existing patient/member portal.

Learn more about data architecture and security.

Five Functionality Areas

Care Navigator™ offers five, main areas of functionality to streamline and automate complex care coordination.

  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment

  • Individualized Care Planning

  • Facilitating Access to Services

  • Communication and Monitoring

  • Content Library 

Ultimately, Care Navigator™ provides users with comprehensive features, leveraging a fully connected platform to securely communicate through multiple methods. This includes using a standard enrollment and document gathering process, sharing information in real-time through mobile and desktop apps, performing assessments. Additionally, those assessments can automatically launch person-centric treatment plans and activities, including reminders, escalations, and alerts. This ensures that program requirements are met in a “closed-loop” manner, monitoring progress from beginning through program completion.



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